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Do you struggle to come up with ideas of what to post on Facebook? Sick of always posting the same thing with little engagement? Read my top 20 ideas to get your page engaged with your fans and make sure you are never in doubt of what to post ever again.

Producing quality content is still the best way to engage with others and grow your credibility and brand awareness. 

  1. ‘Fill in the blank’ posts are a great way to get some interaction, make sure the actual question is relevant to your audience.
  2. Create a poll with several options. These are great as they are quick and your audience can easily answer without having to spend too much time thinking about it. 
  3. Ask a question – ask something that is going to get some engagement, something interesting and targeted at your ideal audience. 
  4. Behind the scenes’ photos of your business, for example, an image of your office, you working in a coffee shop, you making a product, a sneak peek into your business is a great way to get people talking as people love to be nosey and see what you are up to!
  5. Recommendations – recommend another business or service that you have loved and make sure you tag it!
  6. Share your blogs – you could create this as a ‘note’ which may get your posts seen more than actually sharing a link to your blog. Facebook doesn’t like people going off the platform to read something else so creating a ‘note’ can alleviate this problem and get your post seen by a bigger audience.
  7. Awards and achievementsmake sure you post about them. Have you been in a newspaper, have you won an award?
  8. Live video – this is ever popular and will still be promoted more by Facebook than other posts. Think about how you could help your audience and what they would like to learn about. You could even do a live interview with two other people (learn more about how to do a 2-way live video here ) Make sure you promote it beforehand.
  9. Customer testimonials – take a customer review and put it on a branded image that you have created.
  10. Inspirational Quote – take a celebrity quote that you are inspired by and create an image to put it on. Be unique don’t just copy and paste an image, create your own but obviously give recognition to who said the quote.
  11. Tips – this is a big one and you should have a few up your sleeve. How-to-guides are always a great hit. Think about what your audience would like to know about, what would they find useful?
  12. Industry news – Make sure you get an app like Feedly and follow the bloggers that are relevant to your industry. Then you can share topical news stories with your fans
  13. True or false questions – another great post for interaction
  14. Infographics – these are incredibly popular at the moment and are a great visual, you can create them on Canva
  15. Days of the year – this can be a fun way of educating your fans. Go to daysoftheyear.com to find out different days of the week and what they stand for.
  16. Product/service posts – promote your product or service (just make sure you don’t do it too often, remember the 80%-20% rule)
  17. Customer/employee of the month. Celebrate your employees’ achievements
  18. Milestones – share your business milestones, for example, a year in business, your first client, your first 100 sales etc.
  19. Personal posts – it is up to you how much personal stuff you want to share on your business page, but a photo of you and your pet/child/what you are up to can be very popular and can create a sense of ‘know the face behind the business’
  20. Competitions – you could create a sweepstake, fan vote, quiz but you need to be careful of Facebook rules. Check them out here

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