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A Facebook group for business has many advantages, it allows you to get in front of your audience in a greater way than perhaps a Facebook page can. With the ever-changing algorithms, you may be experiencing your page posts being seen by fewer people and having less interaction.

The first thing you need to decide before creating the group is what is the objective? Do you want to build brand awareness or more credibility, build a community offering advice and tips or are you looking to build a business from your group?

Once you have decided, follow the steps below to create a Group and maximise the chances of its success. 


1)  Google Keyword Planner – You need to think up a name for your group. Firstly, I recommend going to Google Keyword Planner and finding out what people may search for when they want to join a group like yours. Once you type in a few words, Google will provide a list of the phrases people type when searching for your product or service. The same applies to Facebook, so you need to give it a name that people will be searching for when they type into the search bar on Facebook.

2) Inviting people – Once you click ‘create group’ on Facebook you can start inviting people. I would advise against just adding people to join your group as it is pretty spammy and people don’t like it. You can invite people by using a personalised invitation which I recommend. Even better, to message them on messenger and explain a bit about the group and ask them if they would like to join.

3) Select the privacy of the group You can make the group public so anyone can see who and what discussions go on in your group. I would personally set it to ‘closed’ as it will be more favourable to group members as they won’t want the whole world and his wife knowing what they post, especially if it is a sensitive or supportive group.


4) URL – It is a good idea to put the URL of your group onto your personal profile so that people who check you out can see that you have a group. You can add this into your intro on your personal profile. You can then include it as one of your websites – See mine below  











5) More exposure – I would also recommend putting a tab on your business page that says ‘visit group’ so that whoever comes across your page can easily join your group. Do this by hovering over the button on your Facebook Page (just below the banner) and select ‘Edit button’ you can then choose the ‘Visit group’ button as shown in mine below. 

6) Pinning – For easy access to your group pin it to your shortcuts. Go to shortcuts on the left-hand side of the home page. Click the Edit button and then you can type in a page and pin it to the top. 

7) Rules – I would recommend adding a few rules. Facebook has already set up some that you can select or you can create your own.

8) Questions – Add questions to people who ask to join your group. This is a great way to find out a bit more about your members and allows you to filter people if you need to.

9) Linking your group – You should link your group to your business page, you can do this by going to your business page and selecting the Groups tab on the left handmade. Then click the button ‘link your group’ and a list of your groups will come up, select the one that you want to link.

10) Customise the address – you can customise the address of your group so it is easy to remember and isn’t full of numbers. Go to ‘setting’s in your group and scroll down to web and email address and you can change it here.

11) Post-approval – you can select to approve posts from group members which may be useful if you want to control what is being said and in order to not get spammy posts.

AND Voila! – you are ready to start adding value in your group and creating a thriving community that can build on your brand awareness.

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