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5 ways a Virtual Assistant can revolutionise your business

A virtual assistant is someone who works virtually with you to support your business. There are many types of services a VA can specialise in and there are loads of benefits of working with one. But as well as providing support with the obvious tasks, what else can they do and should be doing for your business? Here are 5 ways that a VA can revolutionise your business and 3 of them cost you absolutely nothing!

A virtual assistant can:

Create YOU more time: Imagine having more time to concentrate on actually running your business and focussing more on your clients and customers. Working with a VA lets you get rid of the tasks that you don’t need to be doing and the ones that don’t make you money. Start putting yourself where your business actually needs you; be the face of your product or service. You could outsource your social media, diary or email management, CRM management or travel arrangements, to name just a few. What could you do with an extra 5-10 hours per week?

Get you organised: Do you struggle to manage your diary and appointments? Maybe you have an email account full of unread emails or emails that need replying to? Perhaps you need to research and prepare for an upcoming meeting or event? A VA can do all of that for you and be proactive so you don’t even have to think about it. A good VA will be one step ahead of you, keeping you in check and managing the admin side of your business efficiently.

Suggest improvements in efficiency: Are the systems and processes that you use really the ones that benefit your business? A VA often has a lot of experience working with all different types of systems and software. It could be that there are better ways of working and a VA will recognise this and can suggest improvements. This often doesn’t even cost you a penny and once a VA has been working with you for a while, they will be able to see if there is a better, more efficient way of doing things.

Keep you IN LOVE with your business: Sometimes a business becomes monotonous or you just get frustrated by it and what once was your hopes and dreams, becomes something you resent. If you give a VA the tasks that you hate, believe you me, it will make you happier and you will be skipping to the office every day! Imagine only doing the things that you love! Perhaps you hate doing social media or invoicing, or CRM management. These things may really get you down but often a VA will love them, so why not give them to an experienced assistant who can take these tasks off your hands? Let a VA help you stay in love with your business.

Be your eyes, ears and an advocate for your business: A good VA will be just as passionate about your business as you are. They understand what it takes to run a business more-so than an employee. Imagine having someone there to support you and be your advocate, recommending you to others and shouting about your business. Someone being a brand ambassador can reap you rewards and it doesn’t cost you a penny.

If you need someone to keep you in check, be an ambassador for your business, keep you in love with your business and give you back more time then give me a call for a chat to see how I can help you. Call me on 07799 146437 or email rachel@vellastar.com